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Kate Hessling

Love it :-)

The Best Ultrawide Monitor

I love the way it looks, modern and sleek. Its spec is exceptional. It's a perfect addition to my setup. This is my first experience owning an ultrawide monitor. It is definitely satisfying. I highly recommend this monitor. Guarantee worth the buy! Thank you Prism+.

Sarah Blackburn
My partner loved it

I purchased this monitor for my partner's birthday present. When he received it, he loved it. As compared to him, who is more of a computer fanatic, I am on the complete end of the spectrum (laughs). But when he got everything set up and played the Black Pink latest single to view the quality, the resolution blew me away. I can now understand why he has been eyeing this. I love the rotational feature twist added to the monitor too! 5/5 good buy. :P

PG240 Awesome monitor at an affordable range

Was previously a ROG laptop fan until recently decided to join the PC Master race.
Took a look at Prism+ after getting recommendations from my friends. Chose PG240 since its a newly released.

Tried it a few days ago, awed at its stunning visual performance. Absolutely worth it, not forgetting itd versatility too.

Nicholas Thatcher
So far so good!

Loving the adjustable height and rotatable screen. Clean and sleek look makes it fit well with my setup. I'm so stoked by the quality.

Great Monitor

Love the monitor that I have just purchased.

Allows me to have a huge 2nd screen for work and also for my daughter for her learning in the evening.

Ordering and logistic is also fantastic, received within 6 days.

Great Screen!

This is the first monitor that I bought for myself and I love it! Delivery was on time and everything came just as expected!

Zachary Knowles
It's over-delivered on my Expectation

Wanted to get 2 (typical) monitors for my work & personal use. Was introduced to Prism+ by my (more tech-savy) buddy.
After setting it up, I'm amazed at how I'm using it more than my Television. The sheer size of it does not compromise the quality of my shows. I look forward to what this brand will introduce in the future.

Andrew R
My First Experience with an Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

Received the item in just few days time and was able to track the delivery as well.

Setup was pretty easy and you can refer to the manual for menu button functions.

It's my first experience with an ultra-wide curved monitor, but the colours and resolutions are absolutely stunning. The ultra wide screen allows me to have more space for more windows during work and get better surrounding images during my game.

Also tried watching a 21:9 videos, it simply blows me off!

Only two things that I don't like, which is the location of the HDMI ports that makes it difficult for me to plug/unplug from the front. And I can't seem to make the sound come out from the monitor, although it says there are built-in speakers, but not a serious issue since I'm using my own sound system.

Now that I could finally say I'm a proud owner of a PRISM+ gaming monitor!

Elisa Chesterman
Extremely Satisfied Purchase ^^

Was just getting a new set-up, and was contemplating which monitor to get.

After checking online, I stumbled upon Prism+ and clicked in because of curiosity, stayed because of the number of positive reviews here. A few days after I placed my order, the item arrived.

Setting up the monitor was a breeze, very minimal steps. It was basically a plug-and-play. It is perfect for my work (mainly 3D rendering and drawing) and occasional gaming, with an experience I never imagined before since my previous monitor was much smaller.

I will definitely recommend this monitor -- or Prism+ in general -- to anyone looking for a new monitor with precise colors and clarity.

Michael C
Superb display for it's price.

Wouldn't expect an IPS display to have a 165hz refresh rate as well as an adjustable stand (which I have yet to try as I mounted it to the dual arc stealth dual.) to be this affordable. The colors are great and what I would expect within this price point. But the main difference is the 165hz refresh rate which is the deal breaker for me, that means I can do gaming and some basic photo editing at the same time.

It fits nice with my dual monitor setup on the right as potrait mode, but it can be adjusted easily into landscape mode whenever I need to, due the arc stealth monitor arm being so versatile and for it's price of $149, that is a worth it in my opinion.

I will definitely look at Prism+ monitors the next time I decide to upgrade, 10/10 would highly recommend!!

Steven Miller
Great value for resolution!

I got the XQ270 and monitor to work from home and play some light games on my PC! Not disappointed at all! The panel is bright, clear and a 2K screen was more than enough to watch shows in high clarity! The display is very bright and I have to adjust the brightness lower, but clarity and sharpness is not affected even though the brightness is set to 40! Very good deal and have been recommending to colleagues and friends!

George Nguyen
Great Monitor

Been using this monitor for about a week now and I think it's great. Setting this display at 120Hz and 10bps color depth on my graphics card worked best for me, giving me a balance of smooth refresh rate and nice colors. Keep it up Prism+!


Always wanted to try a curved screen monitor, which was why I bought this. No regrets, just that I am still figuring out how to properly use my monitor. Can't seem to enable voice output via this monitor. Works well with Excel, Overwatch and Rocket League

Really satisfied with the price point-quality ratio

This monitor checks all the boxes for what I'm looking in a monitor - a curved screen, a glorious QHD/144Hz non-TN panel with a fast response time of 1ms, and fairly accurate color reproduction too which doesn't look too far off from my 4k Dell XPS 15" screen. At this price point, it is really hard to find a comparable monitor elsewhere that is perfect for work, gaming, watching 2k youtube videos etc. Strongly recommend it especially for this WFH period.

Cool toy

I am very pleased when the monitor came early. Installation was easy even for a handicapped person like myself. The graphics of 1440p were awesome when I compared it with my other 1080p 60hz. Now I do not have headaches playing fps games. Thank you prism!

Damien H
PRISM+ X300 overdelivered and is AWESOME!

First, delivery was speedy AND they provided a tracking number. I wanted to use this primarily for my work as data encoder (plus use it as a gaming monitor after work). Ordered it on a Friday and it got delivered Tuesday morning. Perfect!

Second, set-up is a breeze. Packing was efficient. The Manual is clear and very easy to follow; it even have pictures. Wonderful!

Third, very much value of money. Getting an ultra-wide monitor is perfect when you are working simultaneously on two files side by side. It's like having TWO monitors for the price of one. Great! Last, the resolution is heavenly. Playing online games on an ultra wide screen give a better experience as I can see more of the game than what I see on my laptop. The response time gives me a ultra smooth graphic and the resolution makes me love the game AND THE X300 more. PERFECT! Thank you PRISM+!!! You overdelivered and I am extremely happy.

James Matthews Russell
Prism+ X300

Recently bought the X300 monitor, amazing curve design suits a lot for music production software, gives a holistic view while working on any virtual production softwares.. the resolution is great and clear with more adjustment options to suit your view...worth a investment. Recommend Prism+ also those in music 🎧 production related work...

Peter Moodaley
Great Monitor

Excellent for work & gaming. Happy with the purchase!

Harry King
Great quality and value

My order arrived in less than 5 days, so kudos to that as well!


Expanded to double screen, they look awesome side by side. These are great value screens regardless of the version. Still have to explore advantages of QHD(Pro version) vs FHD.

Grainne A

The monitor is amazing, the curve v smooth and colours are great best part is 200hz refresh rate great for gaming.The arm is very easy to mount on too.

Cooper Walker
10/10 purchase from Prism+

Very very pleased with my purchase and XQ270PRO is worth the buy! :) Thumbs up!

Jaxon Campbell
Good buy

Amazing value for money buy. Customer Support is great too!

William Obrecht
Great Monitor

Fast delivery and everything working as per specifications!

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